Surah Abasa Introduction

In the previous surah (an-Naaziaat) we found two contrasting people near the end.

  1. Those who rebelled and preferred the dunya.
  2. Those who had feared (standing before Allah) and controlled their desires.

In this surah there are also two types of people

  1. Those who ISTAGNAA.
  2. Those who had fear.

The previous surah spoke about the one who fears Allah. Allah says ‘You [PBUH] are only a Warner’ … to who? Who will benefit from this warning? It only benefits the one who has KHASHYA of Allah. In this surah it explains and gives an example of those who fears Allah and that is the example of this blind Sahaabi Ibn Umm Maktum.

This surah is extremely similar, (in terms of themes) to surah An-Naaziaat. It has verse that is almost identical to Naaziaat. ‘As an enjoyment for you and your cattle. So when there comes…’

The objectives of this surah is:

  1. To teaches the Prophet [PBUH] how to outweigh matters and how to treat people.
  2. To explain what are the key qualities of those who seek guidance and those who reject it.
  3. Signs of Resurrection and the blessings Allah has bestowed on us.

The reason for this surah being revealed is because the Prophet was involved in a special Dawah mission and was talking to the important leaders of Quraish and was inviting them to Islam. The Prophet is very eager for them to embrace Islam because especially in those times if a leader of a clan/tribe changed their belief then more than likely the whole tribe would change as well.

While the Prophet was engaged in this important meeting with the tribal elders a blind man Abdullah Ibn Ummi Makhtum (who was already a Muslim) came seeking knowledge. The Prophet was in the middle of  a conversation when Ibn Ummi Makhtum came to him. The Prophet reacted to this by frowning at him and turning away from him because he was disturbed in this important dawah mission

Verse 1 of Surah ABASA: Click HERE



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